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Pisos Decorativos de Corcho

Casablanca Cork Decor Floor Tile.

Cork Decor floor tiles can be installed in a variety of patterns.

Dawn and Algarve arranged in a checkerboard pattern.


Exclusive squares with
beveled edges.

White Marble installed in a bathroom.


Exclusive strips with custom-made inserts (stained brown).

Madrid cork flooring installed in a gym.

Exclusive tiles with beveled edges adds warmth to a bathroom.

Madrid Cork Decor floor tile.

Cork flooring is decorative yet very functional.

Casablanca Cork Decor flooring installed in a warehouse lunchroom.

Exclusive Cork Decor floor with
  diamond inserts stained darker brown.

Cork Stone Cork Decor Floor Tile.

Pebble floor tile with Algarve inserts.

Exclusive Cork Decor floor tile.

Pebble Cork Decor floor.

Exclusive floor tile installed in
a laundry room.


Exclusive cork strips.

Custom-made cork flooring.

Exclusive cork flooring installed
in a kitchen.

Exclusive flooring installed in
a restaurant.


Cork Decor flooring (Exclusive pattern) installed in a restaurant


Hoteleria Residencial Restaurantes
Spas Deportes Gimnasios
Kids Club